Sex Education season 4 | Netflix - Release date announced

Sex Education season 4 is coming to Netflix in a September 21, and it will be the final season of the show. The new season will take place at a new school, as Moordale Secondary closed at the end of season 3. Emma Mackey's Maeve will also be absent from the new season, as she has moved to the United States.

There have been some casting changes for season 4. Simone Ashley, who plays Olivia, has been promoted to a series regular. Also joining the cast are Jason Isaacs, who will play Peter Groff, the estranged brother of headmaster Groff, and Indra Ové, who will play Hope Haddon, the new headmistress of Moordale.

The teaser trailer for season 4 shows Otis and Eric adjusting to their new school. We also see Maeve back in Moordale, but it is unclear if she will be staying for good.

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